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"Gay women are wonderful” says Tatler Magazine

02 Jul 2012

Tatler's Diamond Jubilee commemorative edition in June 2012 © Condé Nast Publications

Tatler, a society magazine which focuses on the lives and lifestyles of the upper classes in the UK, will champion lesbian rights in its next issue.

In the August issue out on Thursday, the cover will ask "Where are all the lesbians?", and the magazine will profile "seven of London's smartest and loveliest lesbians".

Tatler’s editor Kate Reardon told The Times that the main idea of the lesbian feature is to redress the balance between society’s attitudes to gay men and gay women.

“In English society there is a kind of weirdness about lesbians – people either seem frightened of them or titillated by them,” she said.

“There’s a huge double standard. Gay men are entirely accepted in society and gay women aren’t.”

Profiled women will include the comedian Sue Perkins, environmental campaigner Tamsin Omond, writer Emma Kennedy, model Eden Clark and actress Sophie Ward.

Businesswoman Maia Kawai-Calderhead, one of the seven women profiled, said: "The image of the gay woman vs the gay man is just a little behind the times, as with many of the social issues that arose because of gender inequality."

Tatler will be hosting a black tie dinner on Thursday 5th July for 200 female guests, which is reportedly being unofficially called the ‘Lesbian Ball’.

When asked by The Times whether the 'lesbian issue' was an effort to get the ‘pink pound’ on board in a shrinking magazine market, she said: “I’m not a moron. I do know this will get attention, but it’s not gratuitious.”

Reardon said that if anyone is upset by the next Tatler issue, then they are clearly “shocked and upset by homosexuality.”

She added: "We are nailing our colours to the mast and saying, as of now, gay women are wonderful."

Tatler’s ‘lesbian’ August issue is out on Thursday (5 July).



The Tatler Lesbian Ball happened last night (Thursday 5th July). So, who was there? Here's the write up in Tatler today:

"Mary Portas and Melanie Rickey burst in (Mary proudly stroked pregnant Melanie's bump) to find Eden Clark tipping back Belvedere cocktails with Sue Perkins while Gillian Anderson, Emma Kennedy and Katie Brand giggled together on the roof terrace and Stella Duffy caught up with Tamsin Omond over flutes of Moet. Meanwhile, Sophie Ward breezed in looking Gatsby-level glamorous and Rachel Johnson (in tight-fitting red) chatted to Christine Hamilton, who loved the Absolute Taste mini ice cream cone canapés so much she made everyone try at least one. Then DJ Philly's set started and Beyonce rang the change. Fact: Girls go mad for Single Ladies. Fiona Shaw, Clare BaldingAlice Arnold and Anneka Rice led a stampede to the dancefloor where Jane Hill and Jacynta Mirmikidis jived all night despite extreme pain from the highest high heels. Everyone had so much fun that when the party ended (going home was out of the question) it was off to The Langham where cocktail-ing and chatting went on til 2am. Best. Night. Ever."