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Stunning Goldfrapp video 'Annabel' explores gender and identity

06 Sep 2013

Art work from Goldfrapp's forthcoming album 'Tales Of Us'

We love Goldfrapp's beautiful video for their new track 'Annabel', which features a transgender child on a journey of self-discovery.

Annabel---Goldfrapp.jpgIn the video, a child of about 10 is seen exploring her gender and identity, and eventually arriving at a moment of realisation and self-fulfilment. Alison Goldfrapp is also featured as the child's mother.

The band have described the video as “our little film about girl trapped inside the body of a boy.”

It's based on the book 'Annabel' by the Canadian author Kathleen Winter. Talking about her reaction to Goldfrapp's song, Winter said: “I realized my work had entered a new place – it had become part of all music. It belonged in the communal air, not just in my body, or the writer’s lair, anymore.

“I’d handed Alison Goldfrapp an egg and she’d held it until it bore an infinitesimal crack, and out of that space escaped the longed-for bird girl in each of us, and the bird girl had her wings and could fly.”

The video (which is seven minutes long) was created by Alison Goldfrapp's partner, film director Lisa Gunning. (The music starts 2.52 mins in to the video). A full version of the film will be shown in cinemas later this year.

Alison Goldfrapp, who was outed three years ago by a Sunday newspaper, has said she does not label her sexuality one way or the other - and that hers "swings wherever I like to swing.”

More recently, she told Out magazine: “Our sexuality’s so complex that to define it in black and white just seems ludicrous, really.”

“Annabel” is a track from Goldfrapp’s sixth studio album 'Tales of Us', which is due to be released on Monday (September 9th).